ML Muster: Happy Songkran!

ML Muster: Happy Songkran!

By Chad Walsh / March 30, 2023 / Middle Loop Muster

As we wrap up Quarter 3 and head off to the Songkran break we wanted to wish you all a happy and safe holiday. 

There has been a lot going on during Q3 and we've achieved lots of great things together. We hope to see you at the Songkran celebration next Wednesday.

For now, we wanted to share some of the things that have been going on in the ML.

Explore Project Driving Questions

As you join us for our Walk & Talk next Wednesday you will notice the students' new photos with their driving questions. Take a peek at these before you head up to the Explore space so you get a picture (that was a fun joke) of what each student is focusing on for their project.

Explore Walk and Talk for Parents

Parents are invited into the Middle Loop Foyer at 11:30am on Wednesday, 5 April for our Explore Projects 'Walk and Talk' event.
The emphasis will be on our learners communicating their project ideas and first prototypes to the guests and showing you their design thinking process. The purpose is for our guests to see the projects in their early stages before they begin working on their final prototypes. Remember ideas and learning is messy. We like that about how we make sense of what we are trying to shape as we drive our own project work.
As a guest, you could offer support by:
  • Asking as many learners as you can:  "Tell me about your project"
  • Giving feedback on their project process
  • Giving feedback on their prototypes
  • Letting the learners know if you are an expert or if you know any experts in that field
After our Middle Loop Project Walk and Talk, the learners will lead us over to the school Arena for our whole-school Songkran event.
See you all on Wednesday, 5 April!

7-8 Learning Lab

In the latest edition of the ML Muster, we highlighted the importance of BTW trips. The 7-8 cohort has been on 2 BTW trips for their Learning Lab project as they learn more about closed-loop systems in designing a viable community. 

One of the professors presented how urban buildings are designed with the environment in mind. Having experiences such as these really enrich curious minds to think more deeply about what's happening in the world around them.

So that is a quick round-up of some of the things that have been happening lately!